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-With l with to – about I with in and I am occupied by studying of the microbial processes descending in bedrock (rotting of proteins, nitrification, bracing N, circulation S,). Rational using bedrock as medium for growth of cultivated plants, for example, bread cereals, it is impossible without microbial life in bedrock. -Technical it is occupied by studying of the fermentation processes which have wide application in the technician. Wine and beer preparation, dairy business, , vinegar preparation, bread making are intimately connected to operation of germs, activity yields k-ryh the person used long before discovering of germs, finding-out of their diffusion and a role. TH and to and I am occupied by studying of the disease-producing germs invoking at . Infectious. Studying of the phenomena of an infection contamination is property of this range. Each zymosis is caused by the special germ parasitizing in a higher organism. Discovering of germs-activators, studying both germs, and vicissitudes, 697 BACTERIOLOGY 698 descending in an infested organism, compound a main subject . Bacteriologies. Pathes of infiltration of an infection contamination and extirpation of an organism with the infectious beginning would be studied at each infectious; means are as a result developed. Preventions and treatments of each shape (preventive maintenance, bacterination, ). -In and and and I would study infectious animals, . . House, also develops standards as protections against an epizooty, and treatment of separate shapes.

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